The Machine

The Penny Press Machimes are ideal for tourist attractions, museums, exhibitions........... The machine is very easy to position because the machine does not require electricity and does not need to be filled with any kind of product whatsoever. Customers (visitors, tourists, ...) use their own 1pence coins and convert it into a souvenir all by themselves.  Tourism provides a continuous flow of traffic and appealing products in the lowest price range are nowadays very much in demand.



Penny Press FAQ's

1. Penny Press Machine dimensions?


Width: 500 mm

Depth: 300 mm

Height: 1800 mm (with instruction panel mounted)

Height: 1400 mm (without instruction panel mounted, for shipping)

The Penny Press Machine is wrapped in bubble foil and cardboard for shipping.


2. Penny Press Machine weight?


Weight: 80 kg


3. Which materials are used in the construction of the Penny Press Machine?


The structural elements of the body are built with 1,5 mm thick steel with a durable coating.

The crank and engraving mechanism are built with high-grade steel.

The transparent top cover is made of 8mm thick PMMA.


4. Do you have any production standards and/or certification?


The Penny Press Machine is constructed according to the EN-ISO 12100 guidelines.

The Penny Press Machine is CE approved, each machine is delivered with a Declaration of Conformity.


5. What is the life-span of the Penny Press Machine?


Due to the materials used, the solid construction and the minimum number of moving parts there is practically no wear over time. Our oldest machines are now around 10 years old without any wear whatsoever on the engraving cylinder. The cylinder is manufactured in tempered steel and will probably not have to be changed for at least 1.000.000 impressions.


6. Does a fixation to the ground exist?


Yes. The Penny Press Machine can be fixed to the ground using the openings on the underside of the money compartment.


7. What kind of power does the Penny Press Machine need?


The standard Penny Press Machine does not require any electric power to operate, it is a purely mechanical device.